Adelyn Yeoh

Adelyn is an undergraduate student in Mount Holyoke College, USA, where she is pursuing International Relations and Mathematics. She also writes for CEKU at

What does it mean to be Chinese?

I am, by most definitions, a banana. With this implies a number of things: that I do not know Mandarin, and that I am not very Chinese. My... READ MORE

Practical reasons to attend a liberal arts college

When I tell someone the name of my university, the most common reaction is “...and where is that again?” As opposed to some of my peers who have... READ MORE

So Banglasia is funny?

MAY 21 — Once again, racism has reared its ugly head. The racist comments that came post-elections were not surprising.  In fact it was to be... READ MORE

In the wake of the Boston Marathon

APRIL 23 — This week in America has been a particularly traumatic one. The hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers sent Boston into an emergency... READ MORE

Feeling the cultural divide

MARCH 26 — After coming to the US, I feel like I have become hypersensitive to issues revolving around race. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of racism... READ MORE

Need China take over US role?

FEB 26 — China’s rise is changing the global landscape in ways that are unpredictable. Scholars are often divided about China’s intentions and its... READ MORE

Say what, liberal arts?

JAN 29 — So the most common misconception about a liberal arts education is that people are at university (college in American) to pursue the arts... READ MORE

Leaving God

JAN 1 — For the last couple of years, I have had an obsession about God and our fragile existence. At this point, I want to make the distinction... READ MORE

Counting down the months

DEC 11 — And... finally! It had seemed like we were never going to get to this point. Speculation about the date of the next general election has... READ MORE

The need for better news reporting

NOV 6 — The media in Malaysia seems to be as polarised as the voters in the country because there are two clear camps, thus influencing the nature... READ MORE

4’33” and that awkward silence

OCT 9 — Two weekends ago, I sat through my first 4’33” experience ever. 4’33” (pronounced “Four minutes, thirty-three seconds”) is a piece of music... READ MORE

Alternatives to salvaging our education system

SEPT 11 —  There is a general consensus that the solution to many of the problems concerning a society stems from education or the lack of it.... READ MORE

Questioning our Malaysian identity

AUG 14 — Back in secondary school, August was the time we spent decorating our classrooms to depict the spirit of “Merdeka”. It was the time where... READ MORE

In defence of idealism (in politics)

JULY 17 — I am all too aware that the general tone of what I write usually comes off as idealistic. Many a time, I speak of values and hopes for a... READ MORE

I don’t support the opposition

JUNE 19 — Here is why. I recently attended a pro-opposition forum that addressed economic issues of the 1990s and I could not help but notice how... READ MORE