Ang Jian Wei

Ang Jian Wei is a writer for the CEKU magazine, a United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) publication, which serves as a platform for Malaysian students to contribute to intellectual thought while advocating for common hopes and beliefs (

What can one man do?

MAY 23 — I ask myself that question because in the recent turn of events — the butt exercise exhibition, pelting of eggs and another Bersih 4.0 to... READ MORE

As long as people still care

APRIL 24 — My mother once told me that if someone still makes the effort to correct my ways, it’s a good sign. That’s because he or she still... READ MORE

How to shut down vernacular schools

MARCH 27 — Let’s assume for a moment that the debate pertaining the existence of vernacular schools is settled — this hypothetical government has... READ MORE

It’s an election handout

FEB 28 — I was in Nevada when I woke up to the news that the Malaysian-born Thai community has been assured that they are still entitled to... READ MORE

Debate already!

JAN 31 — I was in my university library when I heard that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) was acquitted by the High Court of the charges associated... READ MORE

Designed to make us free

JAN 4 — Upon returning from the New Year’s countdown, the last thing I expected to read was news of a clash between the police and the student body... READ MORE

There are no angels here, only incentives

DEC 6 — As Malaysians conduct their post-mortem of the recently-concluded Umno annual general assembly, allow me to draw your attention to the... READ MORE

Three cheers to teachers

NOV 8 — Up till the beginning years of my secondary school, I never really thought much about myself. I was convinced that I was destined to remain... READ MORE

Who will say it?

OCT 11 — With both the government and the Pakatan Rakyat having unveiled their budgetary commitments, I feel like we’re missing something here.... READ MORE

Battles of reality

SEPT 14 — The recently held Malaysian Public Policy Competition [MPPC] was extremely timely and much needed. Timely because Malaysia is at a... READ MORE

Let’s build a home

AUG 16 — Birthdays are always highly-anticipated events, aren’t they? Leaving out the usual fun fare, there is a general expectation that with each... READ MORE

Are we ready?

JUNE 21 — An effective democracy is a function of an active and informed citizenry. “Active”  in the sense that the people would stand up for their... READ MORE

Ethnicity and nationality

JUNE 14 — The call to do away with having to fill out the ethnicity component in government forms is not new. It has surfaced as a national... READ MORE

It’s not over yet

MAY 24 — I remember learning about the meaning of “self-fulfilling prophecy” in my macroeconomics class when my professor described how inflation... READ MORE

Guilt and patriotism: Framing the debate on brain drain

APRIL 26 — Ever since I left to study overseas, meeting other Malaysians has been a much sought-after activity. Apart from the usual attraction of... READ MORE