Hafidz Baharom

Hafidz Baharom is a social observer who has ruffled more than a few feathers. He has written for a number of publications, and is always looking to stir up discussions on things which need to be said.

Firing up the crescent moon

OCT 13 — I’m going to say something people might construe as controversial; I do not understand why people are protesting against a movie about my... READ MORE

It’s not about the T-shirt

SEPT 28 — I found it interesting that the Education Ministry took a parent-teacher association’s guideline on how to spot a gay or lesbian and... READ MORE

Bringing democracy all the way down

JULY 25 ― First, I have to admit that this article is not unbiased. No, it’s not because I lack any objectivity per se, but it is because we have... READ MORE

Can BN take back Selangor?

JULY 12 — The question above is one to consider objectively, and yes, we the people of Selangor will be questioning and prodding the politicians... READ MORE

Government’s unhealthy obsession over Bersih

JUNE 28 — There are times when I honestly think that the law protecting what our honourable MPs say in Parliament is the most abused law in... READ MORE

A message for our cyborg drivers

JUNE 23 — Now, I very seldom broach the topic of statistics because, quite frankly, I let the other Hafiz (my fellow columnist Hafiz Noor Shams) do... READ MORE

Balancing free education

JUNE 13 — When it comes to education, I am of the opinion that no cost is too high. After all, education leads to the birth of innovation and gives... READ MORE

Making scapegoats of LGBTs

JUNE 10 — I’m finding it hilarious that some columnists here in The Malaysian Insider seem to be blaming the LGBT community here for almost... READ MORE

Should LGBTs join Bersih 3.0?

APRIL 27 — I’m guessing that is the main question that runs through the mind of the people who are preparing to either head to Dataran Merdeka or... READ MORE

Speaking without knowledge

APRIL 3 — Yang Berbahagia Senator Datuk Dr Marshitah Ibrahim was born in Kedah in October 1964. She holds a PhD in Syariah Islamiyyah specialising... READ MORE

No such thing as ‘Malay unity’

MARCH 19 — Currently, some people are calling for unity among one race in Malaysia — the Malay race. And this call is being heeded by political and... READ MORE

Racist in translation

MARCH 6 — Some people may accuse Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of going senile but his point on racism in Malaysia is very clear. Malaysians are a bit... READ MORE

MCA’s win and lose

MARCH 1 — You know, watching the Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng debate was a bit harrowing. And before I continue, let me state that I put Dr Chua’s... READ MORE

Shah Alam not Sin City

FEB 18 — Let me start by stating some things that will be a repetition to most, so you can all just skip this paragraph if it annoys you. I drink... READ MORE

Najib’s not the only problem

FEB 7 — Now as much as I’d like to continually heap more and more criticism on the prime minister and his spouse, there is one thing that we need... READ MORE

The truth about Malaysia and Israel

FEB 3 — It comes as no surprise that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim got into trouble with the federal government and Umno when he came out stating that... READ MORE

The future drought

JAN 22 — There is a need to first point out some facts when talking about droughts. First and foremost, thanks to Berita Harian for pointing out... READ MORE

Confusing the consumers

JAN 12 — I hope everyone had a splendid New Year, but I’m here to ruin it for you just a bit. With the general election coming up, I think we need... READ MORE

That three-initialled royal

JAN 7 — The first piece of news that has basically turned the political punditry in this country upside down in the year 2012 involves that... READ MORE

Of double speak and broken promises

DEC 14 — I consider a leader only as good as the promises he keeps. And by far, our current prime minister is not up to that gold standard. If... READ MORE

Is our faith so brittle?

NOV 29 — I think by now we all know that Datuk Hasan Ali is a religious zealot who would say and do anything in the name of Islam to the point of... READ MORE

Speaking up for my sexuality

NOV 4 — I know I took an entire month off without saying anything but as President Bartlett from “The West Wing” would say, “Break’s over.” So let... READ MORE

History’s never black and white

SEPT 15 — First and foremost, I hate the term “freedom fighters.” In the English language, it’s a necessity to point out, as the late comedian... READ MORE

Kitty carnage

SEPT 7 — Yes. I know. For once, I’m not writing about politics or religion. It’s a shocker, isn’t it? I’ve never been one to support putting flora... READ MORE

Your patriotic duty

SEPT 3 — A few years back when I was a lowly writer contributing to The Star’s Citizen Blog, I wrote a piece called “I Am Not a Patriot.” It was... READ MORE

Choose your jihad

AUG 18 — First and foremost, allow me to state the obvious for those enlightened Muslims out there, particularly those in Jais. Just because 12... READ MORE

The uncivilised Malays

JULY 27 — I’d like to write about civility in this nation of ours, and I’d like to talk to the 60 per cent of the population that prides itself on... READ MORE

On toothless tigers

JULY 17 — Barisan Nasional has proven to this nation and its citizenry time and again, if not just rather blatantly in the recent days through... READ MORE

O Lordy, Lordy, Lordy (Part 2)

JULY 7 — You know, at first I wanted to write about COWs (Club of Obedient Wives) and greener pastures, but then I read that 686 people in Malaysia... READ MORE

Supporting Bersih 2.0: It’s personal

JUNE 21 — 2008 was the first time I voted, and this was in the state of Selangor, in its capital city of Shah Alam. At the time, I was given the... READ MORE

An insult to Islam?

JUNE 1 — First and foremost, having a Christian prime minister is not an insult to Islam, nor is allowing a nation to become secular or even... READ MORE

Why I would leave Malaysia

MAY 26 — There are a few things in every nation that a person can’t handle. With our nation now in a state of brain drain (or maybe not), it comes... READ MORE

Rare earth rage

MAY 6 — I am of the opinion that the rare earth plant will not benefit Malaysia in the long term for a very simple reason. We don’t have the... READ MORE

Softies and sexuality

APRIL 27 — I’m not sure what is more disturbing in this day and age: The fact that we actually have a camp specifically for effeminate men to go... READ MORE

Of ‘suicides’ and ‘sex tapes’

APRIL 13 — On suicides. Let’s start off with a note to all the employees of MACC, shall we? Please, all of you, all around the nation. Go home, and... READ MORE

Religion: Am I bothered?

MARCH 26 — I’m sure that by now, we have heard that the Malay bibles have been released by the Home Ministry. Sadly, the release came with... READ MORE

Losing our arrogance, not our religion

  JAN 22 — I was raised a Muslim in Malaysia. This included learning how to recite the Koran at an elderly neighbour’s house, and then continuing... READ MORE

Being gay and okay

JAN 4 — About three months back, a gay sex therapist by the name of Dan Savage came out with the idea of creating a campaign on Youtube to speak... READ MORE

We’re not racists. Really?

DEC 13 — By now, I’m sure you’ve heard how an SPM examiner on duty went on a racial tirade after a bunch of students wouldn’t shut up in the exam... READ MORE

Protests and betrayal

DEC 6 — The recent Syabas protest highlighted two things that I would like to voice out, since congratulatory notes are going out all... READ MORE

The crumbling faith after 2008

NOV 30 — In March 2008, the Malaysian people were responsible for letting Putrajaya know that we would no longer tolerate our voices not being... READ MORE

Welcome to the feast of fools

NOV 7 — So the United Malay Nationalists met up the other day for what seemed to be a dressed-up annual general assembly that brought nothing new... READ MORE

Budgetary boondoggle

OCT 27 — I cannot help but wonder why some people saw the recent Budget as a blessing. It is not. For one thing, we strive to be a First World... READ MORE

Halal? Haram? Heck if I know…

OCT 12 — It’s really surprising that people want to talk about halal and haram, but not just in Penang. It’s truly impressive, in Penang, how a... READ MORE

The rising tide of right-wing radicals

SEPT 30 — Sweden recently announced the defeat of its Social Democratic Party and an increase in support for the centre right and the radical right... READ MORE

My nationalist streak

SEPT 16 — When I am described, I’m always labelled a liberal. I find that a misinformed description of myself. While I’m quite liberal on the issue... READ MORE

Cults of personality

SEPT 8 — Namewee came up with “Negarakuku” while I was still commenting frivolously for the now defunct theCicak. I can honestly say that I found... READ MORE

Students, gnōthi seauton!

AUG 29 — A recent buka puasa discussion ended with me being branded as too naïve in my argument that tertiary students should be granted the... READ MORE

Bullets, suicide notes and the freedom of information

AUG 18 — When a member of Parliament gets sent a bullet, one has to wonder just how secure our ammunition stores are. Or perhaps in this case, just... READ MORE

Falling off the fence and taking a leap of faith

AUG 8 — The crackdown against the recent gatherings nationwide to protest 50 years of the Internal Security Act were pretty harsh. Truthfully... READ MORE

Forget about the subsidies

JULY 28 — I’m sure most of us were fairly surprised on the evening of July 15 when suddenly the word got out that we would be facing an increase in... READ MORE

Of nuclear energy and Malaysia’s lack of maintenance

JULY 20 — Let’s start by stating my stance on our government wanting a nuclear power plant in Malaysia: I am against it. Not because I don’t trust... READ MORE

Sex on the beach

JULY 8 — I was recently asked, exiting from a club, what I thought about sex on the beach. Being a bit high and thinking that this guy was... READ MORE

Is PKR signing its own death warrant?

JULY 1 — I can just imagine what the PR supporters are going to say about this piece. I’m not a big fan of any political party. I think thus far in... READ MORE

True transparency

JUNE 22 — A lot of things took place in Malaysian Parliament on October 19, 1983. It was basically my first day out of my mom's womb, but in the... READ MORE

In defence of the region

JUNE 10 — I believe in the high spending to keep our nation safe from all threats, internal and external. Living in Malaysia for the past 27-odd... READ MORE

Teenage wasteland

JUNE 6 — I can’t imagine how a school can have students who commit rape. It doesn’t make sense to me. How can a group of students somehow get the... READ MORE

Why I’m not for automatic voter registration

JUNE 2 — There are many political beliefs in Malaysia, regardless of how people continue to state that we merely need to have a two-party system in... READ MORE

Dealing with public transport

MAY 25 — I was recently watching an episode of Bill Maher where they were discussing “green jobs”. Basically put, “green jobs” is the term used to... READ MORE

Malaysian May Day

MAY 13 — What is it with Malay politicians and their use of May 13 as a threat? Honestly, I think America got the whole concept of this scare... READ MORE

A curfew won’t help!

MAY 6 — The  United States has had teen curfew laws since 1880 in Omaha, Nebraska, to prevent juvenile crime and victimisation, or in other words,... READ MORE

Have you checked on the children?

APRIL 30 —  As a rather excruciatingly curious writer living in Shah Alam, it comes as no surprise that I’d be writing about the fatal... READ MORE

But he’s an alcoholic!

APRIL 21 — If anyone brands Zaid Ibrahim a wine drinker, and refuses to state that half of Parliament is filled with the same, they should just... READ MORE

Inter-Faith: Purpose and protection

APRIL 14 — We live in a society of multiple beliefs. I don’t use the term religion because there are Malaysians who don’t hold to any... READ MORE

Honouring our warriors

APRIL 9 — Answer me this: Since when did warriors have to be totally Islamic in this country? You have to admit, this is a new low for Jakim.... READ MORE

Babies, sex and sex education

APRIL 7 — Baby dumping is now becoming a serious issue for the government to cope with. I find it interesting enough that people are treating... READ MORE

Malaysian first, last, and only

APRIL 2 — It was not long ago in secondary school we learned of how, from times before, the Malaysian people were mostly Hindus and Buddhists. It... READ MORE

Intolerant 1 Malaysia

MARCH 28 — A week ago, I was browsing The Nut Graph and discovered that there’s now a non-government organisation called Geli with a page on... READ MORE

Of Hujan and homophobia

MARCH 17 — I’m pretty secure about my sexuality, and I hope most people by their 20s are the same. Unfortunately, that’s never the case in... READ MORE

Two years on, and here’s what we know

MARCH 9 — When writing about politics and Malaysian society in general, it truly helps to have some alcohol available just to make everything... READ MORE


MARCH 6 — Oddly enough, the goods and services tax (GST) talk hosted by Pakatan Rakyat was the second time in my life I set foot in the MBSA... READ MORE

O, lordy, lordy, lordy…

FEB 24 — I’ll start with a deep sigh and state the obvious. We are not practising Sharia law. It’s a farce to make most Muslims feel good... READ MORE

For rent with racist prejudice

FEB 20 — 1 Malaysia or a Malaysian Malaysia. That’s the choice we’re being offered on a political level which, interestingly enough, are... READ MORE

Getting down to the real business of the day

FEB 1 — Look, I may have nothing but contempt for religious institutions, but I do respect the sanctity of the places of worship. These include... READ MORE

Hypocrisy and religion

JAN 12 — Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why the people within the government insist on being there when they themselves don’t understand... READ MORE

Bad habit of not speaking up

JAN 6 — I have a problem with people spewing health advice at me, particularly about this bad habit I have. I’m a chain smoker. I smoke a pack... READ MORE

BTN and then some

DEC 23 — Here’s my piece against Biro Tata Negara, or BTN for short. I’m against it because it’s a racist, fascist, physically and mentally... READ MORE

Why I don’t support a two-party system

NOV 25— I think by now I’ve dispelled the myth posted by Malaysia Today comments which label me as an Umno supporter. Heck, some of them... READ MORE

Schools, sex and race politics

NOV 11 — I went to primary school at the dawn of the 90s. In fact, it was 1990. I went to school wearing shorts while others were already wearing... READ MORE

When right is wrong

OCT 28 — I recently went out with a group of friends I haven’t seen since college and one of the best things that happened was also the... READ MORE

Give us a chance!

OCT 7 — I actually wanted to avoid saying or writing anything about Bagan Pinang because, to be honestly truthful, I’ve run out of... READ MORE

Arguing cowardice, rejecting hypocrisy

SEPT 30 — I love reading the comments in my entries because they highlight one thing for me. Malaysians are irresponsible in making comments when... READ MORE

1 Malaysia: A Personal Look

SEPT 16 — Sincerely, since I’ve yet to actually figure out just what the heck 1 Malaysia is, or who are the ‘1’ that our dearest Prime... READ MORE

The cow and the whip

SEPT 2 — The Cow The cow is considered a holy symbol by Hindu worshippers, to the point that if a cow basically sat on a road in India, you’re... READ MORE

Is Pakatan Rakyat ready to rule?

AUG 19 — I actually posed the title question on The Star’s Citizen blog for some feedback from anonymous sources. I had also requested that the... READ MORE

Security threats, UDHR and hypocrisy

AUG 5 — Let me first point out for those who may not have noticed just yet that I’m neither anti-ISA nor pro-ISA entirely. I’m pro-amendment... READ MORE

Opinions and polls do count

JULY 22 — I’m not one to shun from venturing forth an opinion and my own thoughts on a matter, regardless of who actually reads them and... READ MORE

Note to our men in blue: Get with the programme!

JULY 15 — I don’t make snap judgments on any party without first trying to get whatever information I can through whatever sources I can find.... READ MORE

Some promises, a few challenges

Let me just be very open about my opinion of you, so we can get that out of the way. I would think a nation’s leader has to have an image of a... READ MORE

Hey, MP, leave our youths alone

JULY 8 — "I’m a little bit rebel. I’m a bit patriot. I can see they’re both sides of a coin." Those are lyrics from a song called... READ MORE

Just what exactly is 1 Malaysia?

JUNE 22 — I love reading the Hansard. There’s just so many bloopers and quotes that, if anyone actually bothered reading, would be so comedic... READ MORE