Shamini served as a news journalist for some years and now works as a media and communications manager at a private university. When she's not stabbing furiously at her computer, she's in a bar somewhere drinking in great music or at home devouring her favourite authors. She can be reached at

We did it once… we are going to do it again!

APRIL 7 — April 28 it is.   When I joined thousands of Malaysians last July 9, making our presence heard and felt on the streets of Kuala Lumpur to... READ MORE

Learning how to ask for help

MARCH 25 — After a week and a half of being held prisoner, I was desperate for a night out. So desperate, I was even looking forward to dressing up... READ MORE

Why should I care about 1 Care?

FEB 15 — When the idea of a national health financing mechanism came up in the mid-2000s, the question of how the funding scheme would be... READ MORE

What is your skin colour worth?

FEB 5 — Complete bewilderment washed over me when I read that a golf club had assigned a price tag to my skin colour.  While I may  not care very... READ MORE

Time for the government to catch up

DEC 31 — The last few months have been exhausting. Just the thought of picking up a pen to argue some sense against decisions made in this country... READ MORE

Leave a light on for me, AJ

SEPT 26 — At around 4am, my eyes flew open. I lay in bed, wondering why. My thoughts immediately turned to AJ, lying on his hospital bed.  I got a... READ MORE

Now what?

SEPT 17 — Glued to the radio, I listened as the prime minister took away some laws and announced plans for new ones.  While it was heartening to... READ MORE

What’s so different about this wedding then?

AUG 21 — Marriage. A word that in my teens appalled me, in my 20s feared me, and now, in my 30s, makes me want to lift my hand in salute to those... READ MORE

I’m Blazing

AUGUST 14 — There is no other way to decipher “we will burn you down” as anything other than a threat to life and property.  The question is, will... READ MORE

How much is too much

AUG 12 — If there had been a “motivational camp” for troubled teenagers when I was a kid, my parents would have rolled out the red carpet straight... READ MORE

What’s going on here?

AUG 7 — Seriously, have the authorities not yet removed their blinkers? And this disease seems to be rapidly spreading. The misguided 8TV Ramadan... READ MORE

It’s about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

JULY 27 — Since when did we start playing “Whose Religion Is Better Anyway?”  Saying that one religion is not on equal footing with another cannot... READ MORE

Bersih march was a comma, not a full stop

JULY 18 — As BN politicians and the rest of society go head-to-head, toe-to-toe and tongue-to-tongue (and I mean this in the most asexual way)... READ MORE

How low can you go

JULY 8 — The whole political drama surrounding Bersih 2.0’s planned rally on Saturday has reached historical proportions — but at which end,... READ MORE

Who’s the idiot?

JUNE 25 — When I read how Ibrahim Ali “clarified” what he said about the Chinese community, I had a vision of him in a sampan with a panic-stricken... READ MORE

Keeping in touch… with strangers

JUNE 19 — I pride myself on being an independent woman, but the truth is I am a slave to modern life and its conveniences.  You put your trust in... READ MORE

Turn down the volume, please

JUNE 4 — I have a bad habit. I talk too loud. And I have a knack of doing this especially when revealing something embarrassing about myself. At... READ MORE

Freedom of speech for all?

MAY 22 — I should not have done it. Should have left it alone. Should have continued my hiatus from the humdrum of life. Should have continued to... READ MORE

Just when you thought it was bad…

MAY 18 — When I recently had a go at Ibrahim Ali for saying it was a man’s right to sex from his wife whenever he wanted, I didn’t think I would... READ MORE

The right to freedom and liberty

MAY 8 — When I showed my mum my latest tattoos, she asked, “Why do you all want to make your bodies ugly?” I laughed and said that beauty was in... READ MORE

A man’s right… really?

APRIL 17 — Ibrahim Ali is a national hero. How can he not be? He advocates a man’s right to sex from his wife any time he wants it.  She could be... READ MORE

Ode to the falling men

APRIL 10 — A man walked down the street one day, A whistle from his lips, a spring in his step, When all of a sudden out of the sky, A great weight... READ MORE

Myanmar on my mind

MARCH 27 — When Cyclone Nargis attacked Myanmar in 2008, I was part of a team deployed to this poor, sad, beautiful country to assess the damage... READ MORE

Rubbing off some colour

MARCH 20 — “Is there any soap I can use to make my son fairer so his father would love him more?” the wife asked.   She had complained that her... READ MORE

Being single is fun

MARCH 1 — “You wear your singlehood like a crown!” my girlfriend exclaims one day as we were walking through a shopping mall. I laughed, revelling... READ MORE

We need to get angry!

FEB 24 — Like choosing between having your eggs scrambled or poached, making a choice when I face a fork in the road is sometimes easy, and... READ MORE

Valentine’s Day massacre

FEB 13 — The words that spewed from her ignorant lips almost made me throw up. I watched in horror, a growing heaviness in the pit of my being. I... READ MORE

Just how short is short?

FEB 9 — I received a call recently from a girlfriend who was livid beyond belief. “I was banned from the Petronas tower!” she exclaimed.  I thought... READ MORE

Oh, oh, it’s that time of the year again

JAN 30 — Every time Chinese New Year rolls round, I literally have to brace myself for I know that my life will grind to a halt.  There will be no... READ MORE

Lessons learned

JAN 23 — One morning, already late, I hurriedly parked the car and rushed up to church. As I passed by two men, one of them said, “Don’t worry, God... READ MORE

Hey, Mr Policeman, what exactly do you do?

JAN 16 — My first column some months ago was about falling victim to robbery one night, at the brightly-lit Petronas station across the highway... READ MORE

Hello, it’s just a tree

JAN 11 — With Christmas Day approaching, my friend and her daughter excitedly decorated their tree. She posted pictures on Facebook of the... READ MORE

Government’s message to those with HIV

DEC 15 — I was flipping through the papers recently and came across an advertisement encouraging Malaysians to get tested for HIV.  I would... READ MORE

Hello world, I hear you!

DEC 12 — In recent weeks, a few of life’s episodes have stopped me in my tracks.  It seemed like everyone around me had something tumultuous... READ MORE

Birthday lessons

OCT 24 — My birthday this year made me look at the failures that I had clocked over the last year. I saw the mistakes I made in friendship —... READ MORE

What about sustainability?

OCT 17 — I read with interest that the Federal Government was allocating RM200 million to provide treated water for 209 villages nationwide. Of... READ MORE

Show me the way to go home

OCT 12 — I sat cross-legged on my old bed, watching the morning rays between the concrete houses. Though this was the family home I had spent six... READ MORE

Did that just happen to me?

SEPT 12 — Chapter 1  I waved at a man I had previously been introduced to and following that, met several times after. He frowned and mouthed,... READ MORE

Put a cap on AIDS

SEPT 4 — I stepped into the home of the oldest transgender in the village, and was nervous. I didn’t want Mak Lah — a leader among the transsexuals... READ MORE

The time is now!

AUG 26 — At work one day, I received a telephone call from a friend I had not spoken to in a while. Though we did not see each other often — she, a... READ MORE

It really is this small a world

AUG 17 — My favourite author —and I finally have one — wrote this in “Anansi Boys”:  It is a small world. You do not have to live in it... READ MORE

An analysis of a forgotten diary

AUG 8 — Searching through a drawer, I discovered an old diary I had kept since... well, December 30, 1998. Twelve years ago. When I was 20.  Doing... READ MORE

On becoming a statistic

JULY 30 — ‘Twas the middle of the night with the eight came a-speeding; Circling my vehicle they began negotiating; What to take? Who first? Oh... READ MORE

One musical step forward

JULY 21 — I reached over and took her hand, gripping it as together, we unashamedly cried. Our eyes fixed on the stage, we used our free hands to... READ MORE