Syazwan Zainal

Syazwan Zainal is a reluctant law student at The University of Warwick, writer-wannabe, actor-aspirant, professional procrastinator who dreams of winning the Academy Award for Best Actor and Nobel Prize for Literature. He is a fierce idealist and non-conformist and would love to rid the world of football. He also writes for CEKU at

In response to ‘Innocence of Muslims’

OCT 2 — There has been quite a brouhaha in response to the “Innocence of Muslims” video made by some bigoted individual in America. There were... READ MORE

Balik kampung

SEPT 4 — Last weekend, I went back to my kampung in Batu Gajah for a family wedding. On the way, my family and I visited an uncle of mine in... READ MORE

Learning from those around us

AUG 7 — While reading Martin Jacques’s book “When China Rules The World”, I was struck by some of the points he made. Having studied for three... READ MORE

Don’t be deceived

JULY 10 — The most dangerous form of government, at first glance, is probably a totalitarian one: one that crushes dissent and does not hesitate to... READ MORE

Time government trusted its own citizens

JUNE 12 — Last week, a friend posted a documentary on my Facebook wall; it was about Chin Peng’s personal life and political views. It was entitled... READ MORE

Thinking of home

MAY 16 — For most students in the UK (this writer included), this is a torturous period: exam time. More often than not, such distressing moments... READ MORE

Sex songsang sin 2.0

APRIL 18 — Malaysian politicians are distracting the public by scaring us with tales of deviant homosexual behaviour. The scaremongering must... READ MORE

Islam under attack in Malaysia?

MARCH 20 — Fear creeps in whenever I think of (what is to my mind, at least) the radicalisation of Malaysia’s interpretation of Islam.... READ MORE

A criticism of Islamic practices in Malaysia

FEB 21 — I count myself blessed to have been able to attend Projek Amanat Negara 2012 in London recently. It never occurred to me that such an... READ MORE

Interview with a gay Muslim

JAN 25 — There is an over-representation of articles and stories on the imminent general election and understandably so. But being the contrarian... READ MORE