Victor Chin

Victor Chin is a Kuala Lumpur-based artist and photographer.

Can art and art education flourish without race?

    SEPT 16 — Segaris Art Center is a new art gallery in Kuala Lumpur. This establishment, a subsidiary of UiTM Holdings, is the first showcase for... READ MORE

Art decentralised: The Open Art Show

AUG 5 — The Shah Alam Art Gallery was established 21 years ago by the Selangor government and was the brain child of the present Sultan of... READ MORE

Art and a sense of equality

JULY 8 — Muar town in Johor and Malacca town in Malacca share a very similar geography and historical background. These two towns are an hour’s... READ MORE

Sultan Street: A look at its changing character

JUNE 3 — Jalan Sultan is one of the early streets of Kuala Lumpur. In the 1900s most of the buildings were mainly shophouses, whether single- or... READ MORE

Art and the fishing village of Sasaran

APRIL 22 — Sasaran is one of the many small Chinese fishing villages by the river in the northern tip of Selangor. It’s about 10 km south from the... READ MORE

The writing (or decorations) is on the wall

JULY 31 — As the legend goes, Malacca was founded by Parameswara, the fugitive with his group fleeing from Singapore, about 500 years ago. Later he... READ MORE

Picture writing, mountain water

MAY 22 — The urgent challenges of the environment, especially its growing ecological degradation, have never been an explicit concern in the 2,600... READ MORE

The slow death of Tasik Chini

MAY 8 — The area and community of Tasik Chini was what attracted a group of Asian Public Intellectuals (API) to gather there last year. This group... READ MORE

Celebrating the ACS 100

MARCH 27 — During the British colonial times, over a hundred years ago, in Melaka, there were already five Christian missionary schools.  But of... READ MORE

Goodbye to an artist who chronicled Malaysia

JAN 9 — Tan Choon Ghee was one of the few Malaysian painters who had an eye and empathy for the common people (especially Penangites) and their... READ MORE

Freedom of expression

DEC 16 — Speaking out for peace, justice and liberty can be a dangerous thing. Just speaking out against oppression of the authorities can mean... READ MORE

The business of art

OCT 31 — The Malaysian art scene has been opening up to many new vistas in the last few years. There are many more art galleries in Kuala Lumpur... READ MORE

A chance to see another world

OCT 26 — The Orang Asli’s customs and way of doing things may seem “strange” and often given the derogatory label “primitive or uncivilized” by... READ MORE

Summer holidays with Hua Hin’s artists

OCT 3 — Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket are three major seaside towns in Thailand. Pattaya and Phuket are by far more popular with visitors who enjoy... READ MORE

Making a life in art on Langkawi

JULY 25 — Langkawi island is not as well-known for its artistic and cultural heritage as the Indonesian island of Bali. It also has a long way to... READ MORE

Sharing a meal and life lessons

JULY 18 — Do you generally feel that real kindness might not exist (with all the endless wars and human injustices around us, here and elsewhere )?... READ MORE

Penan: Warrior artist

JUNE 7 — The Penan is one of the 200 (more or less) riverine and hill-dwelling indigenous Dayak people of Borneo; the third largest island in the... READ MORE

The last tiger show

MAY 9 — The tiger, now an endangered species of wild life, mainly due to increasing number of poachers and deforestation, is found only in a few... READ MORE

Langkawi Geoparks

APRIL 25 — Why do people visit Langkawi? A lot of people go there to buy or sell duty free goods. Some go there to buy or sell airplanes during... READ MORE

Making art first, second and third

APRIL 4 — Tang Hon Yin, 67, was a geography teacher in Penang for more the 30 years.  After school hours, his artistic passion was painting but... READ MORE

Autism, no barrier to communication

MARCH 20 — A group of artists — all autistic — got together and held an exhibition recently to celebrate United Voice’s own building. A... READ MORE

Mountains and artists

JAN 23 — Nature has always been an inspiration for artists throughout the ages. Mountains, in particular, have inspired many regional landscape... READ MORE

Buy and sell… it’s all a game

NOV 22 — The 3rd international art market or Artexpo Malaysia is on this week in Kuala Lumpur. This will be a good opportunity for anyone... READ MORE

Through Eric’s eyes

NOV 1 — This is the last week to catch Eric Peris’s 30th solo photographic exhibition at the Sutra Gallery, which ends on Nov 5. Eric’s first... READ MORE

Poetry of the land

OCT 26 — "Land Below The Wind", Cheong Sung Kin’s title for his exhibition of ceramic sculptures and teapots, is taken from the title of a book... READ MORE

Farewell to a much-loved monk/artist

APRIL 14 — There are quite a few festivals that fall in April. For the Chinese community, there’s the annual Ts’ing-ming when they visit the... READ MORE

Art and the marketplace

APRIL 12 – For 20 years or more, if you were a Malaysian artist, not in the popular line-up, yet one of those lucky ones with your artwork in the... READ MORE

Art reflects life

MARCH 1 – This black-and-white photograph of an artificial right leg without the body is an unusual and intriguing sight. How many of us have... READ MORE