Yin Shao Loong

Yin Shao Loong is a policy advisor with a passion for history, human rights, and the environment. He lectures occasionally on ideas and history.

A policy impasse

APRIL 8 — It is entirely appropriate that the prevailing colour of Barisan Nasional’s 2013 manifesto is white. From the disingenuous copywriting of... READ MORE

Use of Sedition Act is wrong

JAN 25 — Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee stated that the Sedition Act should be used on Ibrahim Ali because the latter had advocated the burning... READ MORE

The political chemistry of Lynas

NOV 30 — To most people, chemistry and politics might not seem directly related, yet I have found they are. This is not just because I earned my... READ MORE

Preventing the next Lynas or Raub mine

SEPT 6 — Communities around Malaysia have been protesting over development projects such as the Raub gold mine, the RAPID Pengerang refinery, the... READ MORE

‘Hantu Gangster’: Race and gangster Politics

AUG 11 ― Hantu Gangster, starring and directed by Namewee, is an allegory of Malaysian politics and society, a morality tale wrapped in... READ MORE

The king of costly comebacks, or Pyrrhic victories

AUG 1 ― Bouncing back has been on my mind lately following a near-miss with death during a minor operation. In an unforeseen occurrence, some... READ MORE