Yizhen Fung

Yizhen Fung is a writer for the CEKU magazine, a United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) publication, which serves as a platform for Malaysian students to contribute to intellectual thought while advocating for common hopes and beliefs (

From the comfort of our armchairs

DEC 27 — Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the armchair. All hail the ingenious inventor who came up with the idea of affixing... READ MORE

‘Celebrating’ our work ethic

NOV 29 — We quite literally took to the streets that Monday night. Having spent the last two nail-biting hours chained to our television sets,... READ MORE

The deal with sex

NOV 2 — Let us be honest here. How many of us clicked on the link to this article because the salacious title caught our eye?  Not too long ago, I... READ MORE

Lessons from failure

OCT 4 — I moderate and help out at an online forum which predominantly caters for Malaysian students. I’ve been around for about four or five... READ MORE

Behind the veil of transparency

SEPT 6 — Resorting to litigation is normally an indicator of two things. The first is that all other avenues have been exhausted. The second is... READ MORE

The 8TV fiasco: Getting ‘carried away’

AUG 9 — It is sometimes said that a reliable way of gauging the mindset of a particular society is to look at how its people respond to... READ MORE

The true value of a university education

JULY 19 — It sometimes seem as though it is, or ought to be, every student’s given dream to go to university. Back when I was in Form Five, the... READ MORE

PSD scholarships: A step in the right direction?

JULY 12 — June 23, 2011 marked a momentous date for the Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship programme. It denotes yet another significant... READ MORE

JPA scholarship: A riposte?

MAY 17 — I read with interest a succinct analysis on the JPA scholarship written by Lin Ern Sheong published in The Malaysian Insider on May 15.... READ MORE

Losing sight of our Vision 2020

APRIL 19 — Ask any random Ahmad, Muthu or Ah Chong on the street about Vision 2020 and the typical answers you get may involve phrases such as... READ MORE