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State eulogy for Karpal Singh – Lim Guan Eng

We mourn the untimely and unexpected passing of DAP national chairman and Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor, Saudara Karpal Singh. Sdr Karpal is a 8-term MP of Bukit Gelugor and Jelutong, as well as a 3 term state assemblyman in Penang, first elected in 1978. For 40 years, Sdr Karpal dedicated his life to the legal... Read More

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Freedom, Karpal and living on one’s knees – “OMG!”

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! The cry of the French Revolution. What has this to do with us? Don’t we have it?... Read More

Kafirism: Isma’s gutter politics – Ravinder Singh

A news report read: “In a rebuke aimed at Muslims mourning the death of veteran opposition politician Karpal Singh,... Read More

Easter and the age of heroic leadership – Jennie M. Xue

Easter is approaching, a special day for Christians worldwide. It is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected... Read More

On rescinding Tony Pua’s invite to speak at Melbourne student event – Zairee Othman

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Karpal: The tiger’s leap into immortality – Kua Kia Soong

“Karpal Singh of Jelutong Tenaciously, he stood strong Upholding truth and justice For democracy and peace... Read More

Karpal, a fortress against injustice – Ravinder Singh

Karpal Singh’s sudden passing has been very difficult to accept. My heartfelt and deepest condolences to his... Read More

He is legend – Chris Lee Chun Kit

Like many others growing up in the nineties, the name Karpal Singh to me was synonymous with the word lawyer.... Read More

My tribute to Karpal Singh – Sakmongkol AK47

Are the tears of a grieving non-Muslim widow any different from the tears of a grieving Muslim widow? Are the... Read More

The seeds of Malaysia’s online activism – Roger Kinkladze

Life is a full cycle,  a journey of arriving at the beginning after circling through the infinite. History... Read More

Fostering social compassion at Easter and beyond – Aloys Budi Purnomo

Christians around the world will commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross on Friday, but will celebrate his... Read More